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2nd Oct 2015


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The middle of the 20th century witnessed the outburst of the television and nowadays with the invention of various new media technologies as part of the communication and information revolution, the TV viewers can have access to hundreds of television channels.
Although the TV contributed in shaping culture by breaking social barriers and transiting cultural values, it goes without saying that it has a profound influence on culture by affecting society in various negative ways, both consciously and unconsciously.


As one of the strongest communication mediums, the TV has been widely used by various communication “channels” as a tool of manipulation. The biggest tool in the media is advertising which can challenge one's idea of what beauty and health is. Another big media creature is the movie industry “that has also remained a prominent source of mass mediated images that arguably reinforce existing cultural stereotypes of underrepresented groups” (Jackson, 2006; Squires, 2009).    

"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind." – Jim Morrison

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